17 June 2020

Pennsylvania Export Cargo Ships via PhilaPort’s Tioga Marine Terminal

Terminal Operator DRS and Philly Labor Praised

Philadelphia, June 16, 2020 —

KMX recently completed the transportation of a series of large, heavy pieces of machinery for a Lehigh Valley manufacturer. The equipment was loaded for export on Atlantic Ro/Ro (ARRC) ships at PhilaPort’s Tioga Marine Terminal.

KMX coordinated the US portion of the move, which consisted of six different shipments that took place over four months. First, they trucked the large pieces from vendors across the US to the KMX packing facility, and eventually to the marine terminal. Next, ARRC shipped the equipment from Tioga Marine Terminal to Saint Petersburg, Russia, on their multi-purpose vessels.  After final assembly in Siberia, the machinery will be used for the energy sector.

Project cargo moves generate impressive numbers. According to KMX President Jim Vitez, “the tanks measured 68′ long, 13′ 5″ wide, and 12′ 6″ high. They weighed 85,000 lbs.” Another unit was 57’ long, 15’ 10” wide, and 12’ 6” high – and weighed in at 92,500 lbs.

The KMX warehouse in Hamburg, PA, where the packing takes place, is equipped with super-duty overhead cranes and other specialty equipment for positioning and wrapping very large objects. Export packing is a complex operation in itself: expensive cargo must be blocked and braced properly to ensure protection for the object and the safety of those moving it. One of the large units for this recent job was encased in over 100 sheets of plywood. Vitez and his team also manage the extensive labeling and documenting procedures for governments here and abroad.

Finally, the pieces were transported on KMX’s specialized, nineteen axle trucks to Tioga Marine Terminal. The trucking portion of these moves can involve utility companies (to move electric wires), state and local police, road closures, traffic light re-positioning, and special permitting on highways.

“Ensuring that the INCOTERMS (international terms of trade) were met without incident and on time allowed our customer to get paid in a timely manner from their Russian customer. That’s the ultimate goal,” said Vitez.

Rick Shannon, ARRC Board member, was pleased his company could handle the ocean voyage. “This job was right in our wheel-house,” said Shannon. “We specialize in high and wide cargoes; we have the experience to get difficult cargoes to Russia.”

For 25 years, ARRC has provided the only all-water liner service to Russia without any transshipment in the EU. Their multi-purpose vessels also carry standard ocean containers.

Both Shannon and KMX’s Vitez praised the ILA labor at Tioga Marine Terminal, and the staff at DRS, the operating company at the terminal.  “We really like working at Tioga,” stated Vitez. “They know project cargoes, they have the right equipment, and they get the job done.”

Bob Palaima, President of DRS, highlighted current efforts to increase Tioga Marine Terminal’s ability to handle even bigger project cargo, saying “We are working with PennDOT to get higher clearances under I-95, and a better turn radius for the offramp, as part of the I-95 construction improvements.”

PhilaPort Director CEO Jeff Theobald concluded, “Exports of highly specialized equipment are a boon to Pennsylvania’s economy – and PhilaPort – during these difficult times. We appreciate the roles played by all of our supply chain partners in making this complex logistics operation a success.”

*Photos provided by KMX International

Pennsylvania Export Cargo Ships via PhilaPort’s Tioga Marine Terminal